HISB: I'm a single mother.

I'm not sure if it's safe to write here...

But yeah, I'm a single mother now.

Not sure if I can get used to that term..It's just sooo NOT OJ MOJ. Hahahahahaha.

Life is OK so far. It took me about ammm 7 months to reach this level and selamba-ly say:


But you know what one thing I find it's so hard to do..is not to be reactive.

I must admit I'm too emotional when it comes to WHAT TO FEEL AND WHY I NEED TO FEEL THIS? Maybe it's just something weird in my brain or maybe there's an injured child inside of me that is still not OK and she's just there in pain, while the grown up me, getting through life like she never exists.

Maybe it's time for me to face the injured child and attend the wound.

Sorry terlampau banyak baca buku macam ni lah jadi. Segala term psychology aku keluar wakakakaka.

Tak sure ada orang stalk lagi ke tak?

If yes, hush hush hush this my safe space...for now.

<3 <3 <3

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