HISB: Mother Teresa's Dark Secret

Did you know that Mother Teresa renounced her faith in God when she was alive? She actually revealed this dark secret of hers in her personal letters. These letters were  preserved against her wishes. (she actually requested for the letters to be destroyed) In the letters, it's very obvious easy to see that she desperately wanted to believe in God but she no longer could. I was wondering if she died in doubts.
"Where is my faith?" she wrote. "Even deep down… there is nothing but emptiness and darkness... If there be God — please forgive me."
"Such deep longing for God… Repulsed, empty, no faith, no love, no zeal," she said.
"What do I labor for?" she asked in one letter. "If there be no God, there can be no soul. If there be no soul then, Jesus, You also are not true."

Frankly speaking, I  found this quite surprising as I thought she did all the good things because of God. Nope. God wasn't her co-pilot. She did all the good things because she kept questioning God. Maybe that was her motivation after all. Like how somebody used to tell me "It's natural to doubt and to question, you only learn if you ask questions".


Source:  CBS NEWS