HISB: Look into infinity

Back in the university, I loved to lie down on the grass and watch the stars with a couple of good friends. Well, the grass in the States is much much nicer than what we have here. Plus the weather is just nice and people there are not nosy. It feels like you are invisible. In a very good way I mean.

Shit, I miss being a minority. =( I don't want to be heard. I don't want to be seen. I just want to look at the stars and imagine that I'm looking into the past. Why? Well do you remember what we learned about the speed of light? The farther the star we are looking at, the longer the star's light to reach our eyes. And yes, distance of the stars is measured using in terms of how many years it takes light to travel. So if the nearest star is 4 light-years away, when we look at the same star, we don't see it as it is today, but as it was four years ago. Literally it's like looking into the past. Isn't that cool? It's like you are time traveling using your eyes!

With this knowledge you can try to impress somebody you really like by asking him/her " Hey I'm gonna time travel, wanna join?" "Time travel? How?" "Look up!" Hahaha. Lame, but it's kinda sweet. But if you date an airhead, please be ready to explain about the time travel part. Haha. So what are you waiting for? Look up above,at the shiny stars, into infinity, and shout to yourself "I'M TIME TRAVELING WITH MY EYES!!!" XD